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Better PLUS Full Kit 500 sq. ft.

Better PLUS Full Kit 500 sq. ft.

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Better Full Kit - Coverage up to 500 sq. ft. at 10 Mils

Building upon the BETTER KIT's foundation, the BETTER PLUS KIT integrates a high-solids, two-component polyaspartic clear top coat, enhancing the overall performance and durability of the coating system. This kit is specifically tailored for garages, basements, and various industrial or commercial indoor environments, offering a visually superior and more durable coating solution.

Highlights of the BETTER PLUS KIT:

  • A robust two-coat system, ensuring ten times the thickness of competitive products.
  • Maintenance of zero VOCs and anti-microbial properties for safety in sensitive environments.
  • Inclusion of flake chips and aluminum oxide for improved slip resistance and aesthetic appeal.
  • An optional medium tool kit for simplified installation.
  • 5 year warranty

An optional medium tool kit is available, encompassing all necessary items for a streamlined and user-friendly installation process. The key advantage of the BETTER PLUS KIT lies in its polyaspartic clear top coat, which significantly extends wear resistance, scratch resistance, and UV stability. This kit not only retains all the unique properties of the GOOD KIT but also enhances the coating with double the flake density and a superior clear coat for increased scratch resistance, a thicker appearance, and prolonged longevity. The expected residential lifespan of this kit is around 30 years.

      Kit Includes

      • Large mixing bucket
      • Acid cleaning granules
      • 2 gallons Epoxy-Coat™ Part A color/resin
      • 1 gallon Epoxy-Coat™ Part B activator/hardener
      • 1.5 Gallon Poly 200
      • Non-skid aluminum
      • 10 Lbs. of flake for a decorative finish 


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