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Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating


If you want to improve your industrial manufacturing facility, one way is to work on the flooring of your workplace. As far as the type of floor coating is concerned, experts suggest epoxy floor coating as the best choice. In this article, we are going to talk about why epoxy flooring is a great choice for the manufacturing industry.

An industrial facility has to tolerate a lot of wear and tear, foot traffic, heavy equipment, and other abuses. Using epoxy floor coatings can reduce the wear and tear protecting your flooring from a lot of damage. Aside from this, they also improve the look of your facility. Let us take a look at 5 reasons why epoxy floor coatings are the ideal choice, especially for production facilities.


Wear and tear is a common problem for all types of production facilities. So, something should be done to reduce this wear and tear to make the flooring stand the test of time.

One benefit of epoxy floor coatings is that they protect your flooring from a lot of damage caused by the routine operations at the workplace. Using 100% solid industrial floor coatings, you can add an additional layer of protection between the machinery and cement. Moreover, this layer of protection offers protection against other elements as well, such as debris, oils, and chemicals. Epoxy floor coatings work like a shield that protects your flooring all the time. Unlike Polyaspartic floor coatings,100% solids epoxies are the best adhesive and will resist moisture vapor transmission better than any other coating.


If you work with chemicals in your manufacturing facility, your flooring may be exposed to these chemicals on a regular basis. Acids and chemicals can cause significant damage to floors. To protect your floors, epoxy can work wonders. Epoxy offers strong resistance to chemicals, which is essential for longevity.


The cleaning and repairing of your flooring are of paramount importance. Once you have applied epoxy coats, it will be easier for you to remove stains and keep your flooring neat and clean.


If you are looking for a way to redesign your flooring and make it look great, epoxy floor coatings is the way to go. You can design your floors in any way based on your needs. For instance, epoxy can be used for line striping if you want to make specific areas or want to make some areas to send a particular message. Designated areas with colored epoxy is a great way for organization, area segmentation and safety.

Apart from this, the fresh look of your flooring will trigger a sense of pride and care in the work environment, which may make your employees more productive. After all, no one wants to work in an ugly-looking facility. Clean and beautiful floors matter.

Light reflectivity is something that also needs to be considered. You can improve your light reflectivity 100% with a high gloss 100% solids epoxy coating.

Long story short, if you are thinking of applying epoxy floor coatings, we suggest that you give it a go. Based on the benefits it offers, it is safe to say that epoxy floor coating is a safe investment. You can apply epoxy coats on your own or hire a professional if your budget allows.

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