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Why a PerformanceDIY kit?

Revolutionizing High-Performance Coatings: The DIY Transformation

Gone are the days when high-performance coating systems were reserved solely for the realms of professional applicators, leaving homeowners facing restricted options and significant expenses. Now, the landscape has shifted dramatically. Harness the power to bestow your garage floor, patio, or pathway with unparalleled quality and resilience at a fraction of the traditional cost—specifically, saving between 75% and 85%. Enter the revolutionary era of DIY high-performance coating kits, fortified by 50 years of technological innovation.

We proudly introduce the premier high-performance coating kit on the market, each component carefully curated to fulfill the distinct needs of your project, ensuring a comprehensive solution in every package. Additionally, our kits include a bespoke toolkit replete with essential items such as brushes and rollers for your convenience. It's a significant leap from lab-based development to real-world manufacturing and testing, evidenced by millions of successful applications over four decades through our PerformanceDIY application division. Our goal is straightforward: to democratize access to professional-grade products, enabling you to achieve top-tier results while optimizing both time and cost efficiency.

Why should PerformanceDIY kits be your go-to choice? Our edge is our unmatched legacy. We stand as pioneers and leaders in the industry, with origins deeply rooted in serving the rigorous demands of powertrain and stamping plants for giants like General Motors and Ford since 1975. Through extensive development and refinement, our solutions have become integral to the operations of the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies, celebrated for their exceptional performance and durability. A notable highlight is our 40-year exclusive partnership with NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building, underscoring the unparalleled trust and reliability of our offerings.

PerformanceDIY distinguishes itself from the competition through our unwavering commitment to quality over convenience. While many competitors lean towards water-based epoxies or expedient one-day polyaspartic coatings, our philosophy is to uphold the most rigorous standards seen in industrial and commercial settings. Our foundation lies in 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxy base coats, optimized for a wide range of applications from garages to industrial floors. "100% solids" signifies a pure solid content, guaranteeing full value for your investment.

For those new to the field, how can you be assured of the product's value? PerformanceDIY exceeds expectations by not only manufacturing but also subjecting our products to stringent testing through our application divisions. Our formulations are vetted in massive 1200-gallon batches, ensuring consistency and reliability. Given the complexity of our products, featuring up to 40 distinct ingredients, precision and quality control are critical. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that each gallon meets our high standards.

Selecting a high-performance coating extends beyond a mere transaction; it's about investing in a promise of durability and excellence. At PerformanceDIY, we believe in the power of professional validation for our products. Trusted by industry titans such as NASA, Ford, General Motors, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Toyota, and Northrop Grumman, our legacy is built on delivering excellence. These entities demand the best, and for decades, they've found it with us. In an era where appearances may be deceiving, especially online, our proven track record and commitment to quality stand as your assurance of unmatched value.

In choosing PerformanceDIY, you're not just purchasing a product; you're embracing a legacy of innovation, quality, and trust. Embark on transforming your space with confidence. Reach out today to begin your journey towards a more sophisticated and durable environment.

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