Why Certified?

Why Certified?

The Only Permanent Floor 

  • Total thickness Approximately 1/16”
  • Full Flake Rejection Floor
  • 100% solid Epoxy Cycloaliphatic/ High Solids Polyaspartic Clear


PerformanceDIY was the first to introduce the only transferable lifetime warranty. Each certified coating will have a permanent label which is applied to the coating. In this label is a certified number which identifies the location, kit, base color/flake colors and date of sale. In the future, a person who purchases a home will have this identification in their coating. This ensures the warranty throughout the life of the home.


Certified warranties legitimize the coating industry in the residential marketplace. When PerformanceDIY offers a transferable lifetime warranty it gives unprecedented credibility to the application and adds real permanent value to the home. The transferable warranty value is something which offers a return on investment over time that other products and companies simply do not. Any warranty issues are easily addressed by the place card embedded on the coating which has the validation number. All a home owner need do is contact PerformanceDIY and reference this number to get all the information relating to that coating system (date, color, flake color, flake combination, flake density, flake color combination % and kit applied.) It is as simple as that! No hassles. The buyer is assured of the product’s durability and can see up to a 3x return on investment while still getting the valued use.


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