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EPK-1000 Patch Kit 1 Gallon

EPK-1000 Patch Kit 1 Gallon

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1 Gallon Covers approximately 40 Lineal Ft. 

Component patching kit, bonds, fill & seal cracks, control joints and low spots in concrete floors. This product is recommended prior to your epoxy floor applications.

Used prior to applying the epoxy to repair concrete spalling, chipping and cracking, and it can be used to fill expansion joints/saw cuts.

Shipping weight of product is 15lbs


MIXING RATIO: 2 to 1: 2 of Part A (in red top portion of bucket) by volume to 1 of Part B (contents in bottom of bucket) by
volume. Pour contents of Part “B” completely into Part “A” pail while mixing with drill mixer, be sure to wipe all sides and bottom of mixture to thoroughly mix contents together for 3 minutes. Once mixed, all contents from bucket must be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. Then apply to joints or cracks with a flat squeegee, leaving a very thin coating on the surface, but allowing the patch to fill the depression. Any high build ups will be visible when you apply top coat. Some sanding may be required.

You have 20-30 minutes of working time once the mixed product is out of the bucket at 75 degrees F. 

DO NOT apply above 85 degrees F.

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