Poly 300 Installation Instructions

Poly 300 Installation Instructions


When the entire order arrives, inspect all items, as well as color(s) of the material(s). From time of delivery, 5 (five) days is allotted to report any issues, shortages, damages, etc. Thoroughly read the Installation Instructions. Performance DIY cannot be held liable if you fail to read and follow these instructions.

Please be advised the color of epoxy resin is the final color and will not lighten or darken when cured.

To achieve color continuity/consistency when purchasing more than 1 kit, batch mixing of all Part A’s is necessary.

Once Part A & Part B are properly mixed, immediately pour in ribbons on the floor (according to instructions). Leaving mixed material in a mixing pail will create an exothermic (quick curing) reaction and the product will no longer be usable.

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WARNING! Wear protective gloves, clothing, eye and protection when using this product. Proper ventilation is required for use. See the SDS sheet for more information, available at www.PerformanceDIY.com.

Coverage at approximately 4 MILs on clean smooth surface.

1/2-Gallon - 200 sq. ft.

3/4-Gallon - 300 sq. ft.

1-gallon 400 sq. ft.

5-gallons – 2,000 sq. ft.

55-gallon drum -22,000sq. ft.

Store Poly 300 in a cool place two days before application 65 °F or lower. Application is best in the morning or evening. Do not apply product in direct sunlight.

PerformanceDIY.com Poly 300 Clear Top Coat:

Install spike shoes.

Note: Mix ratio is 1 to 1 by volume

____Step 1:

Pour ½-gallon contents of Part “A” Poly 300 into the large clean black container.

____Step 2:

Pour ½-gallon contents of Part “B” into the same large clean black container.

____Step 3:

Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes

____Step 4:

Starting in the farthest corner of the room, pour all mixed contents (parallel to and approx. two feet from the wall”). Using the kit brush, cut in the perimeter walls or any other obstruction that may be hard to roll.

____Step 5:

Using the kit squeegee, (perpendicular to the poured line of mixed Poly 300) draw the poly from the back wall with the squeegee until there is no longer wet poly to draw back. Continue to squeegee pulling this product down the line until complete.

____Step 6:

With the kit roller, perpendicular to squeegee application, roll the poly until even and consistent. Repeat steps for additional batch applications

____Step 7:

After the second section is squeegeed and rolled, go back and re-back roll entire floor completely If you desire to have aluminum oxide nonskid added to the floor broadcast aluminum oxide non-skid over the floor in lesser amounts (only in the previous section which has been back rolled a 2nd time). Taking a pinch amount apply by throwing the non-skid into the air a minimum of 5’ or higher. Re-bounding the non-skid off the ceiling is a good idea to get even coverage.

Note: Aluminum oxide will make the floor more slip resistant but will make it harder to clean; it should be used according to your desired needs. PerformanceDIY.com non-skid additive is industry standard and accepted means for creating a proper recommended OSHA 0.5 COEFFECIENT FRICTION slip resistant non-skid surface. 

** Mix, let harden and dispose of contents/container to an approved waste disposal plant **

Fill out and return for warranty coverage. 

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