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Top Coat vs. No Top Coat

Top Coat vs. No Top Coat

We are often asked if a top coat is necessary with our epoxy and polyaspartic DIY kits. While it isn't required, we highly recommend applying a clear top coat to your epoxy floor (Standard System). It's pretty affordable, and there are numerous benefits to making a top coat worthwhile.

A Top Coat Maximizes Your Investment in an Epoxy Floor

A top coat enhances the durability and strength of an epoxy floor. After you've put the time and effort into applying epoxy, it makes sense to add the extra assurance to top off your work. Keep in mind that when it's time to apply a top coat, the hardest part of the job is behind you. It's tempting to be content with your beautiful new floor and walk away. However, applying a top coat helps keep your epoxy floor looking as great as it does right after you finish the job.

So, several years in the future, when your epoxy floor is starting to show some wear, all you need to do is sand off the clear coat and reapply one. Your epoxy floor will look brand-new again! A top coat is a smart way to make sure the investment of time and money you put into an epoxy floor keeps paying off for years.

One of the best things about top coats are the stunning gloss finish they provide. You feel like you're walking into a new car showroom when you enter a garage with a top coat shine.

A Top Coat Protects Your Epoxy Floor from Scratches

Inevitably, scratches develop on an epoxy floor. Most of these are microscopic but can detract from the luster of the epoxy coating over time. A top coat is a sacrificial layer that prevents the small scratches from affecting the appearance of the epoxy coat. As a result of normal wear and tear, when more significant scratches occur, a top coat does an excellent job of camouflaging them.

Other Benefits of a Top Coat for Your Epoxy Floor

While an epoxy floor is easy to clean, a top coat only makes it that much easier. With a top coat, a dust mop will glide over the floor with ease and won't catch on any color flakes. If you need to scrub your floor, a top coat means you won't have to worry about damaging color flakes or losing

the gorgeous luster of your epoxy floor. The top coat keeps the color of your epoxy floor looking rich and protects color flakes from chipping away. Also, dirt can collect around the edges of the color flakes, making it difficult to clean, and a top coat prevents this from being a problem.

Another benefit is that anti-slip additive granules work better in a topcoat than in the epoxy color coat. This is simply because the top coat conceals the granules, maintaining a smooth surface look on the floor.

Although epoxies are better adhesives (prime coat) and have a lower cost per mil, Polyaspartic clear coats are much better than epoxies for top coats as they have a very high resistance to yellowing as a result of UV exposure. They additionally have a very high abrasion resistance. We make it easy by providing Clear Epoxy-Coat with our Certified, Poly-Coat and Certified Plus kits. These kits are exceptional values and come with everything you need to epoxy your floor with a UV stable Polyaspartic clear top coat. You don't have to worry about purchasing a top coat separately or whether or not it is compatible with your epoxy. All you need to do is open up the kit, and everything you need from start to finish, including the top coat, is right there. Visit our website for more information on these kits or our other outstanding epoxy and polyaspartic products!

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