The Science Behind Epoxy and Polyaspartics

Understanding 100% Solids in High-Performance Coatings

The term "100% solids" is foundational to comprehending the integrity and efficiency of high-performance coatings. It represents a formulation comprising an activator (or hardener/curing agent) and a resin that, when mixed, initiate a molecular cross-link, culminating in a solidified state. A hallmark of 100% solids coatings is their capacity to maintain volume through the curing process—meaning, a gallon of product remains a gallon upon curing. Contrastingly, a product with 40% volume solids yields merely 0.40 of a gallon after curing, with the remaining 60% dissipating as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), often leaving behind an odor.

This disparity underscores a significant advantage of 100% solids coatings: they deliver the full volume of product applied, devoid of shrinkage due to evaporation. Consequently, lower volume solids coatings necessitate additional purchases and applications to achieve equivalent coverage, amplifying both cost and labor.

The allure of low volume solids coatings to manufacturers lies in their cost-effectiveness and appeal to the DIY market—simpler, seemingly economical solutions. However, this simplicity masks a critical compromise in the chemical integrity of the coating. The addition of diluents (water, alcohol, thinners) to facilitate application disrupts the optimal stoichiometric balance needed for effective cross-linking, resulting in a compromised, weakened structure and diminished performance characteristics.

Moreover, water-based and single-component epoxies, often marketed for their convenience and durability, fall short of the robustness offered by 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxies. The distinction is critical, as the latter sets the standard for durability and performance in professional-grade floor coatings.

PerformanceDIY stands at the forefront of the DIY high-performance coating sector, pioneering innovations since 1976. Our commitment transcends mere product manufacturing; we are dedicated to empowering consumers through education, ensuring informed decisions that yield durable, reliable, and truthful results. Our legacy is built on real-world performance, challenging the status quo of convenience over quality.

Polyaspartics, lauded for their UV stability and scratch resistance, complement the epoxy base coats, especially in top coat applications for outdoor use. However, it's essential to recognize that despite their benefits, polyaspartics cannot substitute the adhesive strength and foundational robustness of 100% solid cycloaliphatic epoxies in high-demand environments.

At PerformanceDIY, our ethos is anchored in transparency, quality, and enduring performance. Our products embody the pinnacle of coating technology, validated by decades of application and trust in the most challenging industrial and commercial settings.


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