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The Pioneering Certified Warranty Explained

The Pioneering Certified Warranty Explained

Introducing the Ultimate in Floor Protection: A Permanent Solution with Unmatched Thickness

Discover the unparalleled durability of PerformanceDIY's flooring solutions, boasting a comprehensive thickness of approximately 1/16”. Our floors are not just about aesthetics; they're engineered for resilience, featuring full flake rejection and composed of 100% solid Epoxy Cycloaliphatic combined with High Solids Polyaspartic Clear finishes.

Understanding the Certified Warranty

PerformanceDIY proudly stands as a trailblazer with the introduction of the industry’s first transferable lifetime warranty for our certified coatings. Each installation is accompanied by a permanent label embedded within the coating itself. This label contains a unique certified number detailing the project’s specifics—ranging from the location and kit used to the base and flake colors, as well as the date of sale. This revolutionary approach ensures that future property owners can inherit the warranty, making it a lifelong asset to the property.

The Value of Opting for a Certified Warranty

Opting for a certified warranty transcends traditional expectations, setting a new standard in the residential coating industry. This commitment by PerformanceDIY to offer a transferable lifetime warranty not only underscores our confidence in our product's longevity but also significantly enhances the property's value. The assurance of enduring quality and the ease with which warranty concerns can be addressed—thanks to the embedded place card with its comprehensive validation number—provide homeowners with a seamless experience. Should any warranty service be required, one simply needs to reference this number to PerformanceDIY to access all pertinent details regarding the coating system, including the application specifics and kit details.

This straightforward, no-hassle approach guarantees product reliability and offers homeowners the potential for up to a threefold return on their investment, alongside the intrinsic value derived from the product’s use. The certified warranty by PerformanceDIY not only represents a smart investment but also a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that stands the test of time.

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