Our History

Our History


Craig S. Jones, our CEO., is the son of Kenneth R Jones. Kenneth was the world's largest Dupont Maintenance Coating Distributor, exposing Craig to coating chemistry at the age of only 10 years old.

When he was eight years old and his father became the sole Dupont maintenance, high-performance coating distributor in the state of Michigan. Overtime he did so well he became the sole distributor in the state of Ohio and the largest DuPont distributor worldwide. Craig would work in the plant, and at the age of 14 started learning all of the different products, specifications, and applications. He then went out and started selling these products to various community maintenance facilities managers in various cities in Michigan.  When he was 16 he was introduced into the high-performance Floor Coating world and started using these various coatings as a systems approach to concrete floor coating.  By the time he was 19 he was the go-to Installer for General-motors and cowrote the common process program, which was first of its kind for General Motors.

It was always Craig’s desire to maintain a certain quality control in systems, manufacturing, and application. He found it was not possible through most manufacturers, and he began to manufacture his own products in 1991. He introduced performance Floor Coating Systems, Inc. that same year and found great success, including being the first company to install a high-performance coating system in a professional stadium whereby soon many stadiums throughout the world followed suit. 

Craig envisioned a way of taking 88 separate variables for high performance Floor Coating and reducing them down to a controllable level so that high performance coating systems application techniques could be applied from what was otherwise a professional applicators service to a simple DIY product. Craig introduced the first of its kind diy all-inclusive high-performance maintenance coating kit in the world in early 2000.  Although many companies have copied his concepts, he has put forth a grand vision for the high-performance coating industry globally.

In 2008, Craig purchased Toledo floor resurfacing, Inc. with 650 of its proprietary formulations. Toledo floor was recognized as the world’s premier, high-performance application and manufacturing company and since 1975 the only product used by NASA manufacturing and assembly.

Performance/Toledo Floor has been the only product/application company for NASA’s 2,000,000 sf sole assembly facility for over 40 years!

Around 2006 Craig introduced Epoxy-Coat to Lowe’s and was the number one selling product on Lowe’s website.

Starting January, this dream will be realized to the residential marketplace by a renaming of a parent company from epoxy-coat.com to performancediy.com where he will revolutionize the approach to high performance coating manufacturing and installation globally for various applications.

For the residential marketplace moving forward any homeowner can go to www.performancediy.com and purchase an easy DIY product for their driveway, front porch, garage, brick, pavers, basement, countertop, wood deck, concrete deck, pool deck, and a concrete/asphalt patching product. The unique attribute with these products is they will be certified with a transferable lifetime warranty for all of these surfaces. Each kit will have a certification label which will be placed indiscriminately into the service application. This certification label will have all of the information one would need for warranty concerns, including date of sale, color combinations and kit specifications. These products can either be installed by a homeowner or applied by an approved authorized trained installer.  The installation warranty will be a full two-year warranty along with the product transferable lifetime warranty direct from Performance DIY.

These products are intended to give a 3x return on investment, adding a higher value to a home than any other residential capital investment. 

Currently These products and services will all be financeable with a 650-credit score or higher at 0% interest for 22 months.

For the contractors who wish to be authorized they will buy at a special contractor price and receive application contracts directly from Performance Floor coating systems Inc.  Authorized installers will have no money outlay for the products, sales, or contract, but will only supply labor for installation.

In the future commercial companies, including fortune 500 companies will be able to purchase specific coating systems for specific applications globally through central purchasing at a reduced price. For instance, an automotive company like General-motors will only reach out to authorized installers and get a labor only price for installation. There will be a clear separation between a warranty on the product and a warranty on the installation.  Product quality control and specified mil thickness and gallons used will be easily controlled. This will change the industry completely moving forward saving these companies over 25% annually.

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