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How to Apply Epoxy on Tile

How to Apply Epoxy on Tile

Tiles have always been a popular floor choice. When you’re moving into a new home and want to make changes to get the floors you want, many always wonder if putting epoxy on tile is safe and effective. While the main concern is adhesion, we do believe you can get the floors you want. Some floor tiles have glossy materials, which makes it difficult to bond with the epoxy. Some tiles also include a sealer. Before applying, make sure to sand or diamond ground the tile prior to coating. Another thing to consider is the grout lines, which can be contaminated if it’s in an area of grease or oil, like a kitchen. In some situations, you may need to remove the tiles completely. Putting epoxy over the tile also works, you have many decisions to make in this process.

Another idea you can do is to apply a primer which allows for the epoxy coating to adhere to the floor without ruining the color of the tile. If you’re looking to change the color of the tile, using a white primer will safely allow you to do that. Before this step, you need to clean and prepare the floor, which is always the most important task for putting epoxy on tile. Without a proper cleaning, the materials won’t mix effectively. Whether you’re putting epoxy over the tile floor, or ripping it out and starting from scratch, it works both ways.

A tile floor is more susceptible to water damage and broken tiles, so a high-quality epoxy coating could make it more durable over the years. It’s certainly an investment worth taking, it will make your floors stand out and perform better over time. Many are cautious when it comes to putting epoxy on tile. We understand your concerns, which is why we are here to help make the process easier for you. Whether you’re a DIY kind of person or not, anyone can safely and effectively apply our epoxy floor coating. We will give you the knowledge, tools, and resources to get it done!

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