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Epoxy Coat for Basements

Epoxy Coat for Basements

When you dread going into your basement because it is a drab and dingy place, consider the improvement of an epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating. Not only does epoxy floor coating protect the existing concrete, but it also brightens up the basement and makes the floor easier to clean. Have you ever worried about flooding in a basement? How would you clean it, what kind of damage might happen to carpet or tile? A monolithic (seamless) resinous epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating is your only real answer.

Why an Epoxy or Polyaspartic Coated Basement Floor Makes Sense

Basement floors are typically bare concrete that is not aesthetically pleasing. Also, over time, wear and moisture causes cracks in the concrete. In addition, a concrete floor in a basement is a cleaning challenge, so dirt and grime build up.

Epoxy or polyaspartic basement floor coating DIY kit is a simple and cost-effective solution to all these problems. Performance coatings is durable and moisture-resistant, making it ideal for basement applications. An epoxy floor surface is easy to clean and resists dust while repelling stains.

Most importantly, an epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating transforms the look of a basement. You can choose an epoxy coating color that amps up the brightness, or color flakes or metallic coating kit for a custom look. An epoxy basement floor looks more polished and finished and enhances your home's value.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Basements are Cost-Effective

Epoxy floor coats are an affordable solution for basements. They provide further cost benefit by prolonging the life of the floor. Since basements are prone to flooding, an epoxy floor is a good choice. Once the water issues are resolved, you will not have to worry about the expense of replacing flooring when you choose an epoxy coat for your basement. Further cost benefits are less tangible, such as increasing the value of your home overall.

Epoxy Floors Are Easy to Apply in Basements

After cleaning your basement floor, open our epoxy kit and you are ready to get started. If there are cracks that need to be filled, our patch kit is an easy solution. Applying an epoxy coating doesn’t require lugging heavy materials or equipment down your basement steps. Also, you don't have to hire a professional to apply an epoxy floor coating. Save money with this do-it-yourself project that provides incredible benefits. 

Why Choose Our Epoxy Kits for Your Basement Application?

Performance epoxy coat is a favorite choice for organizations like NASA and companies like Disney. Our epoxy coat kits have been used to coat garage floors across America for over a decade. They are proven to be well-suited for basements. 

Our epoxy kits take the guesswork out of the process. The kits were designed to make the process of applying epoxy coating as easy as possible. Simply place an order online, and soon you’ll be unpacking a box containing what you need to get started on your basement epoxy coating project right away! 

Before you know it, you’ll look forward to going down to your basement with its gorgeous flooring. For more information on our products or to place an order, visit our website today! 

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