Poly 300 Instructions Ab

Poly 300 Instructions Ab

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Install spike shoes. 

Note:  Mix ratio is 1 to 1 by volume 

____Step 1:  

Pour ½-gallon contents of Part “A” Poly 300 into the large clean black container. 

____Step 2:    

Pour ½-gallon contents of Part “B” into the same large clean black container. 

____Step 3:   

Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes  

____Step 4:   

Starting in the farthest corner of the room, pour all mixed contents (parallel to and approx. two feet from the wall”). Using the kit brush, cut in the perimeter walls or any other obstruction that may be hard to roll.  

 ____Step 5:   

Using the kit squeegee, (perpendicular to the poured line of mixed Poly 300) draw the poly from the back wall with the squeegee until there is no longer wet poly to draw back. Continue to squeegee pulling this product down the line until complete.