Paver-Coat Installation Instructions Ab

Paver-Coat Installation Instructions

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Application is best in the morning or evening. Do not apply product in direct sunlight. 

____Step 1:   

Shake can before opening.   

____Step 2:  

Pour contents into a roller tray. Mix for 1 minute using mechanical mixer.  

 ____Step 3:  

Roll out evenly in one direction. ( Paver-Coat can also be applied through a pump sprayer) 

  ____Step 4:   

Re roll in opposite direction 5-10 minutes after application. 

If you desire to have aluminum oxide nonskid added to the floor broadcast aluminum oxide non-skid over the floor in lesser amounts (only in the previous section which has been back rolled a 2nd time). Taking a pinch amount apply by throwing the non-skid into the air a minimum of 5’ or higher. Re-bounding the non-skid off the ceiling is a good idea to get even coverage. 

Note: Aluminum oxide will make the floor more slip resistant but will make it harder to clean; it should be used according to your desired needs. non-skid additive is industry standard and accepted means for creating a proper recommended OSHA 0.5 COEFFECIENT FRICTION slip resistant non-skid surface.