After immediate coating do not walk on the floor before the recommended curing time. Any introduction of water can cause issues with the coating, even as small as sweaty feet.

When having a luxury floor, there are always maintenance required for your floor. The more wear the sooner these steps will need to be applied below.

Note: Most dull floors are the result of a thin film left from cleaners. Once a floor is cleaned dry with a clean towel to remove this.

What will dull my floor?

• Stagnant Water

• Improper cleaning solutions (bleach, Clorox, Pine-sol)

• Wear and tear

• Salt on tires

What should I use to clean/refresh my floors?

• PerformanceDIY.com C-900 Floor cleaner

• Blue Ivory soap and water

• Apply PerformanceDIY.com Acrylic Floor sealer

• Apply a floor wax

• Apply another layer of PerformanceDIY.com clear or Poly 200

Note: When applying a new layer of epoxy or poly the floor must be cleaned and sanded again for the new coating to properly bond

How do I know when my floor needs to be cleaned?

• When the luster of the floor is no longer to your satisfaction

• Salt rings are present

• There are scratches or marks from daily use

• You desire a thicker floor

If any questions, please contact PerformanceDIY.com Certified Coatings Technical support staff at 800-841-5580

Thank you