DECK-COAT Certified Kit Installation Instructions

DECK-COAT Certified Kit Installation Instructions

Interior/Exterior Use For Wood Decks, Concrete, Asphalt And Polymer Decks



When the entire order arrives, inspect all items, as well as color(s) of the material(s). From time of delivery, 5 (five) days is allotted to report any issues, shortages, damages, etc. Thoroughly read the Installation Instructions. Performance DIY cannot be held liable if you fail to read and follow these instructions.

Please be advised the color of epoxy resin is the final color and will not lighten or darken when cured.

To achieve color continuity/consistency when purchasing more than 1 kit, batch mixing of all Part A’s is necessary.

Once Part A & Part B are properly mixed, immediately pour in ribbons on the floor (according to instructions). Leaving mixed material in a mixing pail will create an exothermic (quick curing) reaction and the product will no longer be usable.

Please contact us with any questions.

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Welcome to Your New Floor

Thank you for purchasing the deck coat kit. We want to make sure that your installation is easy and that you are completely satisfied with the results.


Please read all instructions carefully before you start your project. Also, please read all instructions on the labels for Part “A” Resin and Part “B” Activator. Our kits are made to be mixed easily by pouring all contents of Part A and Part B into the largest outer container.

If you have any questions during your application, call 800-841-5580 to speak to one of our experts. Our hours are M–F, 9AM–5PM EST and Tech Support Saturday from 11–3PM.

Key Product Information Overview; Deck-Coat Kits

• For use on wood/concrete/asphalt/polymer deck surfaces

• Thicker, over 10x thicker than water-based epoxies

• Fills rough surfaces

• Straightforward application

• Durable; over 4x stronger than concrete, resists chemicals, will not peel direct to surface

• Easy Maintenance

• Limited Transferable Lifetime Warranty


A Message from our President

My name is Craig Jones, President/CEO of, Inc. I began in the floor coating industry in 1976, and since that time with the help of many world-class chemists, have been improving our patent pending epoxy floor coating kit.

My goal is to provide to our customers, (commercial, industrial, and residential) the most economical, easy to apply, durable, longest lasting do it yourself floor coating kit. I want to change the way high performance floor coating systems are installed.

I did make it easy to install a professional high performance floor coating system (usually left to professionals), as the low-quality water-based epoxy systems offered by other national brands. is the only Do-It-Yourself floor coating kit that can be applied in 3 hours achieving a professional result. is also the first to offer an all-inclusive kit with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 0 VOC, self-leveling, and 100% Solids!

My number one goal has always been honest customer satisfaction and real value.

Thank you for your business,

Craig S. Jones

Craig S. Jones

Safety Information:

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Do not consume.

• Cleaning solution contains phosphoric acid, an eye and skin irritant.

• You should wear rubber gloves with safety glasses, pants, shirt, and shoes when mixing and while preparing floor with acid and mixing/applying deck coat.

Additional Supplies Needed

• 9” Roller frame

• Extension pole

• Drill

First Aid Measures


If ingested, do not induce vomiting unless directed to by medical personnel. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Drink two cups of water or milk. Contact a physician immediately and seek medical attention. Material Safety Data Sheets are available online at

Eye/Skin Contact

In case of contact with eyes or skin, clean with soap and water and then flush with cold water for 15 minutes. Deck Coat Kit 250 sq. ft. Contents

• Written instructions/online video instruction

• Safety gloves

• Large mixing bucket

• Acid cleaning granules/for concrete decks only

• 2-gallons Performance Epoxy Part “A” Resin

• 1-gallon Performance Epoxy Part “B” Activator / Hardener

• Mechanical mixing tool

• Mixing stick

• (3) Brushes

• (3) Rollers

• 80 lbs. of flakes

• Spike shoes

• 1-gallon Poly 300 Part “A” Resin

• Poly 300 Part “B” Activator/Hardener

• Roller bucket screen

 Additional Supplies Needed:

• 9” roller frame

• Roller pan

• Extension pole

• Drill

Optional Supplies:

• Caulk

• EPK-1000 wood/concrete patch filler

• Purchase through customer support 800-841-5580 or

Clean-up thinner:

• Xylol/Xylene or MEK

Before You Start

Please take a few minutes before you start your floor project to review these instructions.

Store liquid kit epoxy/poly in a cool dry place before mixing, preferably around 65 °F.

Kit Coverage

• Up to 250 sq. ft. on smooth wood/concrete surfaces (less for rough and porous surfaces)

True coverage is subjective and based on the desired appearance of a finished by the installer. Varying conditions can cause varying results.

 Testing for Sealers on CONCRETE surfaces only

To determine if the concrete has been previously sealed you can perform a simple test by pouring a small amount of water onto the surface in various areas. If the water beads, a sealer is present and needs to be either chemically or mechanically removed with a diamond grinder (available at a local rental or big box store.) Please visit for more information.

Testing for Moisture for CONCRETE surfaces only deck coat recommends using the moisture test kit sold at www.PerformanceDIY. com called “Vapor Gauge.” Another easy test is to apply a 3’ x 3’ sheet of plastic (heavy-duty garbage bag or plastic visqueen) to an area of the floor. Tape down the edges with duct tape and allow it to sit for 24-48 hours. If water droplets appear on the inside of the plastic or if concrete appears wet (darker in color), the moisture in the concrete is high. Call technical support at 800-841-5580 if the condition exists.

Temperature Conditions

The ideal temperature range when working with is 40 °F-77 °F (4 °C-30 °C). Warmer temperatures will shorten working time and speed up curing process and cooler temperatures will extend working time and slow curing process. Preparation with deck coat clean and prep solution should not be attempted below 35 °F. High humidity will affect the curing of the coating and may cause varied color throughout the coating. does not recommend applying where the relative humidity is above 85% maximum.

Application over Previously Coated CONCRETE Decks

Coatings that are present on the concrete may be coated with deck coat if they are completely removed.

Note: If additional cleaning is necessary, we recommend our C-900 Citrus Cleaner available at or 800-841-5580. Any household cleaning detergent or dish soap diluted in water will also work.

Wood Deck

Coatings must be completely removed by diamond grinding, pressure washing or chemically stripping

Now You are Ready, Step-by-Step Instructions

The most important part of your project is the careful preparation of your deck. The time you spend on this will pay off in a beautiful finish.

Preparation (Check off as you complete each step)

____Step 1: Mixing Instructions

Optional: Vertical surfaces may need two coats with two broadcasts for proper coverage so if you choose to coat vertical surfaces the first coat should be performed before coating the flat deck surfaces. The second coat on the vertical surfaces can be performed when coating the flat surfaces.

Note (It is not necessary to broadcast vertical surfaces it is for appearance only).

2 coats of vertical surfaces ¼ mixed gallon

9 ounces of Part “B” Activator/Hardener (1 part by volume) 22 ounces of Part “A” Resin (2.3 parts by volume)

Follow Steps 2-9 using recommended ratios for vertical surfaces above. Again, this will do for the first coat, 2nd coat will be performed when coating the remainder of the deck following steps 2-9 below.

Note: If you apply coatings and flake within 15 minutes (to rejection coverage) may be acceptable with one application.

____Step 2:

Rinse and dry the large mixing bucket (which held all kit contents) with a clean rag prior to mixing. Install 7 the supplied mixing tool into a high-speed drill. Apply protective plastic onto a 10’ X 10’ area where mixing is to be performed (not on the deck coating surface).

____Step 3:

Install spike shoes. Mix Part “A” of Deck Coat in its original bucket for 2 minutes

____Step 4:

Into the large, cleaned mixing bucket, pour 1/2-gallon Part “B” ACTIVATOR/ HARDENER by volume.

____Step 5:

INTO THE SAME OUTER MIXING BUCKET, pour 1-gallon pre-mixed contents of deck coat Part “A” RESIN by volume.

Note: Mixing 1 gallon Part A and ½ gallon Part B equals mixed 1.5 gallon. For smaller mixes, the actual mixing ratio is 1 part by volume of Part B Activator/Hardener to 2.3 parts of Part A Resin.

Example for smaller batches:

If mixing in smaller batches using a measuring cup/bucket, please refer to these guidelines: 19 ounces of Part “B” Activator/Hardener (1 part by volume) 44 ounces of Part “A” Resin (2.3 parts by volume)


____Step 6:

Mix thoroughly with the mixing tool for 2 minutes paying close attention to mixing all around the buckets sides and raising and lowering with the mixing tool.

Note: Mixing must be very thorough (2 minutes), or the coating will not cure and clean up, and removal of the uncured epoxy will be costly and very time consuming. Do not wipe the sides of the mixing bucket between mixes or after the final mix as there may be residual unmixed epoxy. The residual epoxy in the mixing bucket will not adversely affect the future epoxy mixes.

Application Instructions

Minimum Coating thickness:

1.5-gallon half batch- 12.5’x10’ section. (3/4-gallon batch-6.25’x10’ per mix) Back roll in opposite direction a second time 10 minutes after first rolled application and prior to step 8.

____Step 7:

Dip into the bucket directly using the supplied Roller Bucket Screen. Starting in the farthest corner using the supplied kit brush cut in where necessary and in an even coat to the coverage detailed below.

Note: With the mixed coating you have 20-25 minutes working time at 70 °F (lower at higher temps).

Repeat steps 4-7 for second mix.

Performance Flake Broadcast instructions

____Step 8:

Apply Flake/Chips by throwing the flakes into the wet coating, only flake a section after the deck area looks satisfactory as once you flake the deck you will not be able to re-back roll again. The flake chips should be broadcasted until there are little or no wet spots (rejection). It is important that you take your time to broadcast, do not use too many flakes in certain areas, the goal is to walk with spike shoes around and apply all the supplied flake to the wet epoxy completely having enough flakes to cover the whole area.

Note: If multiple special-order solid color flake chips are not premixed together, do so before flaking the floor. Vertical surfaces may take two applications for proper coverage.

____Step 9:

After 8-12 hours remove flakes from the floor by sweeping and vacuuming all remaining flake chips. A power blower should be used as the last step.

Next Step: Poly 300 Instructions

Do not install in direct sunlight. It is best to install it in the evening hours as the sun is going down and it’s cooling while the Poly is curing. Humidity should be lower than 80%.

WARNING: Wear protective gloves, clothing, eyes, and protection when using this product. Proper ventilation is required for use. See the SDS sheet for more information, available at

Install spike shoes.

Note: Mix ratio is 1 to 1 by volume

____Step 10:

Pour 1/2-gallon (half of Part “A”) contents of Part “A” Poly 300 into the large clean black container.

____Step 11:

Pour 1/2 gallon (half of Part “B”) contents of Part “B” Poly 300 into the large clean black container.

____Step 12:

Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes

____Step 13:

Dip into the black 3-gallon bucket directly using the supplied Roller Bucket Screen. Starting in the farthest corner using the supplied kit brush cut in where necessary.

Minimum Coating thickness:

Dip the roller cover into the roller pan or bucket screen and roll out an approximate four’ x 4’ area. Roll back and forth until completely even throughout that area before moving on to the next area. THE MORE YOU BACK ROLL THE MORE EVEN THE CLEAR COAT WILL BE.

Repeat steps 10-13 for the second half until complete.

____Step 14:

After the second section is rolled, go back and re-back roll entire deck completely in opposite direction.

If you desire to have aluminum oxide nonskid added to the deck broadcast aluminum oxide non-skid over the deck in lesser amounts (only in the previous section which have been back rolled a 2nd time).Taking a pinch amount apply by throwing the non-skid into the air a minimum of 5’ or higher.

Note: Aluminum oxide will make the deck more slip resistant but will make it harder to clean; it should be used according to your desired needs. non-skid additive is industry standard and accepted means for creating a proper recommended OSHA 0.5 COEFFECIENT FRICTION slip resistant non-skid surface. Deck-Coat Certified Warranty

Limited Transferable Lifetime warranty.

1-3 years 100%

3-7 years 50% of retail value

8+ years 25% of retail value

Deck-Coat shall warranty its coating proving its application in accordance with deck coat preparation and application procedures and the warranty registration certificate is filled out and mailed or e-mailed back within 30 days of purchase. This warranty applies to peeling coatings caused as the direct result of product failure. The sole and exclusive maximum liability of PerformanceDIY. com deck coat under this warranty will be to replace the appropriate quantity necessary for re-coating warranted area.

Warranty exclusions:

• Moisture mitigation issues

• Deficient substrate

• Coating not applied direct to concrete

• Surface or sub surface contaminants

Please allow shipping and handling. deck coat Care and Maintenance

After immediate coating do not walk on the floor before the recommended curing time. Any introduction of water can cause issues with the coating, even as small as sweaty feet.

When having a luxury floor, there are always maintenance required for your floor. The more wear the sooner these steps will need to be applied below.

Note: Most dull floors are the result of a thin film left from cleaners. Once a floor is cleaned dry with a clean towel to remove this.

What will dull my floor?

• Stagnant water

• Improper cleaning solutions (bleach, Clorox, Pine-sol)

• Wear and tear

• Salt on tires

What should I use to clean/refresh my floors?

• C-900 Floor cleaner

• Blue Ivory soap and water

• Apply Acrylic Floor sealer

• Taking a clean rag and clean a small area with your finger, this shine is how the floor can look properly cleaned.

• Apply another layer of Clear or Poly 200/300

Note: When applying a new layer of epoxy or poly the floor must be cleaned and sanded again for the new coating to properly bond.

How do I know when my floor needs to be cleaned?

• When the luster of the floor is no longer to your satisfaction

• Salt rings are present

• There are scratches or marks from daily use

• You desire a thicker floor

If any questions, please contact technical support staff 800-841-5580.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert Technical Hotline staff has collected the most frequent questions and answers here to help you plan and install your new floor.

If you have any questions during your application, call our Technical Hotline on 1-800-841-5581 to speak to one of our experts. Our Technical Hotline hours are M–F 9AM–5PM and Sat. 11AM–3PM EST.

Can my Deck-Coat be used for other surfaces other than wood/concrete?

We have other kits for other surfaces and applications. Please go to for more options.

With new or uncoated concrete, do I have to prepare the surface?

Yes. You must remove contaminants/latent and create a profile for the coating to properly bond. Shotblasting and/or diamond grinding is preferred for industrial, commercial, and residential or institutional floors where the prep solution is ineffective. Visit for further information on surface preparation procedures.

How can I remove dried deck coat from driveway concrete?

We recommend using a safe paint stripper (home use.) You can also use a power washer or handheld diamond grinder to remove this stripper.

What do I do if the prep solution does not electively profile my floor?

You can purchase muriatic acid and re-etch the floor or diamond grind the surface. This acid must be neutralized effectively prior to coating.

Can I use deck coat indoors and on basement floors?

Yes, deck coat is safe and approved for indoor use. There are no VOC fumes.

How long do I need to wait to coat new concrete with deck coat?

Wait 30 days to coat new concrete.

What temperatures can I apply deck coat?

Apply deck coat at 40 °F–77 °F.

Does the floor get slippery?

Yes, when water or oil is present the floor will get slippery. Aluminum oxide non-skid is recommended to reduce this condition if you have excessive water or oil.

What are the flake chips for?

They help with non-skid and help hide imperfections in the floor by adding a decorative look.

Should I add thinner to the coating when mixing?

You can reduce the prime coat up to 3% with MEK thinner for easier application.

When taping when should I pull the tape up?

For ease or removal, remove tape immediately after application.

Should I patch cracks/holes/mortar joints prior to coating? How would I do this?

Deck-Coat recommends patching all cracks prior to coating. EPK 1000 patch kits and caulk can be purchased online at

Should I patch holes or poor wood areas prior to coating a wood deck? How would I do this?

Unsound wood should be removed. Holes or weak wood areas must be cleaned and dry and can be patched with patch kit EPK-1000 prior to coating (this patch will hold up better than original wood).

What should I do if my part “A” Resin has been exposed to cold temperatures or has exceeded its shelf life and has crystallized?

Part “A” Resin can in some conditions crystallize. This will not affect the performance of the coating. To remove crystallization simply boil water between 140 °F– 170 °F and put the container into the water for 30 minutes. Mix the product in the container before use. If you find there is still crystallization, repeat steps.

How do I clean my deck?

Use a mild detergent like simple green with a deck brush and rinse with water.

What happens if I install the base coat and flake into it and it rains after?

If the coating goes down over a dry surface you should not have any issues.

What happens if I install the Poly 300 and it rains?

It may affect the appearance making it milkier but will not affect the performance.

Fill out and return for warranty coverage.

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