Certified Plus Coating Kit Installation Instructions

Certified Coating Kit Installation Instructions Full/Half Kits


When the entire order arrives, inspect all items, as well as color(s) of the material(s). From time of delivery, 5 (five) days is allotted to report any issues, shortages, damages, etc. Thoroughly read the Installation Instructions. Performance DIY cannot be held liable if you fail to read and follow these instructions.

Please be advised the color of epoxy resin is the final color and will not lighten or darken when cured.

To achieve color continuity/consistency when purchasing more than 1 kit, batch mixing of all Part A’s is necessary.

Once Part A & Part B are properly mixed, immediately pour in ribbons on the floor (according to instructions). Leaving mixed material in a mixing pail will create an exothermic (quick curing) reaction and the product will no longer be usable.

Please contact us with any questions.


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Welcome to Your New Floor

Thank you for purchasing the PerformanceDIY.com floor coating kit. We want to make sure that your installation is easy and that you are completely satisfied with the results.


Be sure to read these detailed instructions prior to application.

If you have any questions during your application, call 800-841-5580 to speak to one of our experts.

Our hours are M–F, 9AM–5PM EST and Tech Support Saturday from 11–3PM.

Key Product Information Overview — PerformanceDIY.com Kits

  • For concrete/wood garage/basement/industrial-commercial floors
  • Thicker, self-leveling, high gloss, one coat application, over 4x thicker than big box water-based epoxies
  • Fills rough concrete, leaves no brush or roller marks
  • Straightforward application in an afternoon
  • Durable; over 3x stronger than concrete, resists chemicals, will not peel
  • Easy maintenance

A Message from our President

My name is Craig Jones, President/CEO of PerformanceDIY.com, Inc. I began in the floor coating industry in 1976, and since that time with the help of many world-class chemists, have been improving our patent pending epoxy floor coating kit.

My goal is to provide to our customers, (commercial, industrial, and residential) the most economical, easy to apply, durable, longest lasting do it yourself floor coating kit. I want to change the way high performance floor coating systems are installed.

I did make it easy to install a professional high performance floor coating system (usually left to professionals), as the low-quality water-based epoxy systems offered by other national brands. PerformanceDIY.com is the only Do-ItYourself floor coating kit that can be applied in 3 hours achieving a professional result.

PerformanceDIY.com is also the first to offer an all-inclusive kit with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 0 VOC, self-leveling, and 100% Solids!

My number one goal has always been honest customer satisfaction and real value.

Thank you for your business,

Craig S. Jones


Safety Information:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not consume.
  • Cleaning solution contains phosphoric acid, an eye and skin irritant.
  • You should wear rubber gloves with safety glasses, pants, shirt, and shoes when mixing and while preparing floor with acid and mixing/applying PerformanceDIY.com

First Aid Measures


If ingested, do not induce vomiting unless directed to by medical personnel. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Drink two cups of water or milk. Contact a physician immediately and seek medical attention. Material Safety Data Sheets are available online at www.PerformanceDIY.com.

Eye/Skin Contact

In case of contact with eyes or skin, clean with soap and water and then flush with cold water for 15 minutes.


PerformanceDIY.com Certified Full Kit (500 sq. ft.) Contents

  • Written instructions
  • Large mixing bucket
  • Acid cleaning granules
  • 2-gallons PerformanceDIY.com Part “A” color/resin
  • 1-gallon PerformanceDIY.com Part “B” activator/hardener
  • 3-gallons PerformanceDIY.com Part “A” clear epoxy
  • 1.5-gallons PerformanceDIY.com Part “B” activator/hardener
  • Non-Skid Aluminum Oxide
  • 100 lbs. of flake chips


PerformanceDIY.com Certified Half Kit (250 sq. ft.) Contents

  • Written instructions
  • Large mixing bucket
  • Acid cleaning granules
  • 1-gallon PerformanceDIY.com “A” color/resin
  • 1/2 gallon epoxy part “B” activator/hardener
  • 2-gallons PerformanceDIY.com Part “A” clear
  • 1-gallon PerformanceDIY.com Part “B” activator/hardener
  • Non-skid Aluminum Oxide
  • 50 lbs. of flake chips

Recommended Tool Kit: Large Tool Kit

(2) 3” chip brushes

(2) 9” roller cover (3/8” nap)

(2) Squeegee

(2) 16” mechanical mixer

(2) Pair of vinyl gloves

(2) Mixing sticks

(1) Pair spike shoes

(1) Pail opener


Optional Supplies

  • Pump sprayer for acid
  • Spiked Shoes
  • PerformanceDIY.com Patch Kit & caulk (can be purchased through customer support 800-841-5580 or PerformanceDIY.com)

Clean Up Thinner

  • Xylol/Xylene or MEK

Additional Supplies Needed

  • 9” Roller frame
  • Extension pole
  • Drill

    Before You Start

    Please take a few minutes before you start your floor project to review these instructions. By understanding the variations in concrete and the methods used to assess for problems, you will be prepared for a good installation experience. Our epoxy kits are meant to be mixed completely in one batch which means you mix all of Part A with all of Part B in the outer largest container/bucket. Remove and use all contents immediately once mixed.

    Application Conditions and Pre-tests

    For better coating adhesion, PerformanceDIY.com recommends that before you begin the process of preparing the floor for coating, you try the tests below:

    Testing for Sealers

    To determine if the concrete has been previously sealed you can perform a simple test by pouring a small amount of water onto the surface in various areas. If the water beads, a sealer is present and needs to be either chemically or mechanically removed with a diamond grinder (available at a local rental or big box store.)

    Please visit www.PerformanceDIY.com for more information.

    Testing for Moisture

    PerformanceDIY.com recommends using the moisture test kit sold at www.PerformanceDIY.com called “Vapor Gauge.” Another easy test is to apply a 3’ x 3’ sheet of plastic (heavy-duty garbage bag or plastic visqueen) to an area of the floor. Tape down the edges with duct tape and allow it to sit for 24-48 hours. If water droplets appear on the inside of the plastic or if concrete appears wet (darker in color), the moisture in the concrete is high. Call PerformanceDIY.com technical support at 800-841-5580 if the condition exists.

    Temperature Conditions

    The ideal temperature range when working with PerformanceDIY.com epoxy is 40 °F-77 °F (4 °C-30 °C). Warmer temperatures will shorten working time and speed up curing process and cooler temperatures will extend working time and slow curing process. Preparation with PerformanceDIY.com clean and prep solution should not be attempted below 35 °F. High humidity will affect the curing of the coating and may cause varied color throughout the coating. PerformanceDIY.com does not recommend applying where the relative humidity is above 85% maximum.

    Note: It is always better to bring the temperature of the room up the day before you start coating. Once you start, you would like the temperature to drop 10 °F-20 °F to avoid any bubbling.

    Concrete Inspection

    Concrete varies in different areas of the country/world. Some concrete is extremely hard which will require extra etching to provide an appropriate anchor bond. If you have soft and chalky concrete or areas that have spalling, chipping, or cracking, PerformanceDIY.com recommends that you purchase PerformanceDIY.com EPK 1000 patch kit at www.PerformanceDIY.com and purchase an additional prime coat for porous/weak concrete where bubbling may be of concern. Testing of concrete hardness can be done by scrapping a regular screwdriver over the surface of the concrete. If the concrete can be removed, it is considered weak concrete. Areas where concrete is chalky and weak should be diamond ground to a sound concrete surface and primed prior to coating.

    Joints, Holes, and Saw Cuts

    Joints and saw cuts can be filled with PerformanceDIY.com patch kit EPK 1000 (approximate coverage is 40 lineal ft per ¼” per gallon), purchased from www.PerformanceDIY.com, and should be performed after preparation but prior to coating application. Cracks under 1/8” should be patched with PerformanceDIY.com special acrylic latex caulk, which can be purchased from www.PerformanceDIY.com.

     Application Over Previously Coated Floors

    Coatings that are present on the concrete may be coated with PerformanceDIY.com if they are bonding well. An appropriate bonding coating is determined with a “coating adhesion test.”

    • With a razor blade, cut an X through the coating to the concrete.
    • Apply a 6” piece of duct tape over the X and press firmly.
    • Completely remove the tape with one quick pull. If more than 5% of the taped area is removed, the original coating is not properly bonded and needs to be removed with a diamond grinder (available at a local rental or big box store.) Properly bonding previously coated areas must be cleaned with a proper detergent and scrubbed and sanded with 100–120 grit sandpaper prior to application of PerformanceDIY.com Using the PerformanceDIY.com clean and prep solution is not necessary over previously coated areas.

    Note: A recommended cleaner is our PerformanceDIY.com C-900 Citrus Cleaner available at www.PerformanceDIY.com or 800-841-5580.

    Coating Over Tile Floors

    Tile, linoleum, or terrazzo may be coated with PerformanceDIY.com epoxy. Tile areas must be cleaned with a proper detergent and scrubbed and diamond ground to achieve a 100–120 grit profile prior to application of PerformanceDIY. com. Using the PerformanceDIY.com clean and prep solution is not necessary over tile.

    Coating Over Wood Floors

    Wood floors may be coated with PerformanceDIY.com epoxy. Wood areas must be cleaned with a proper detergent and scrubbed if contaminated and all waxes or un-bonding materials removed prior to coating. Sanding the wood to achieve a 100–120 grit profile prior to application of PerformanceDIY.com is only necessary if the wood surface is smoother than a 120 grit profile, otherwise no sanding is required. Using the PerformanceDIY.com clean and prep solution is not necessary over wood.

    Coating Over Metal

    Metal surfaces may be coated with PerformanceDIY.com. Metal surface must be free from rust, cleaned and sanded (100–120 grit) prior to coating.

    Industrial and Commercial Concrete Floors

    Shot blasting and/or diamond grinding is preferred for industrial or commercial floors, or wherever the standard prep solution is ineffective.

    Note: Once you mix and apply the first batch mix please review to determine color, coverage, and appearance. If you do not like the results STOP COATING and call Tech Support on 800-841-5580 to determine appropriate options. Do not assume that additional batches will give a different color, hiding or different appearance/result than experienced in the first batch. PerformanceDIY.com does not warranty the replacement product in its kit for more than one batch mix. If it is found that there is a problem with the PerformanceDIY.com product, and a customer does apply more than one batch mix, it is the customer’s responsibility for any additional batches.

    We do not recommend coating beyond the garage door as the UV rays will amber the coating.

    Now You Are Ready

    Step-By-Step Instructions

    The most important part of your project is the careful preparation of your floor. The time you spend on this will pay off in a beautiful finish.

    Preparation (Check off as you complete each step.)

    NOTE: If the floor has a sealer, diamond grinding will be needed.

    Step-By-Step Instructions

    The most important part of your project is the careful preparation of your floor. The time you spend on this will pay off in a beautiful finish.

    Preparation (Check off as you complete each step.)

    NOTE: If the floor has a sealer, diamond grinding will be needed.

    ____Step 1:

    Sweep or power blow entire floor surface area.

    ____Step 2:

    Typically, old concrete floors have contaminants which must be removed prior to coating. Using a diluted degreaser and hot water, you should scrub those areas vigorously. Heavy contaminated or oily areas should be concentrated and repeated if necessary. Grinding should be done if degreaser is ineffective.

    ____Step 3:

    Add acid granules floor prep solution into 5 quarts of chilly water in a plastic sprinkling can or plastic pump sprayer and mix until diluted. This will yield enough premix to cover up to 500 sq ft using the 9 oz prep solution included with the full kit.

    ____Step 4:

    Cleaning a 10’ x 10’ section at a time, (using the optional sprayer) apply the premix evenly over the surface. Do not expect foaming. Scrub the premix into the surface with a stiff bristled broom. Move to the next 10’ x 10’ area.

    ____Step 5:

    After application of floor prep, double rinse the surface with a water hose. Scrub while rinsing to ensure removal of all loosened material.

    Note: It is best to scrub in both directions. Baking soda sprinkled over the floor will aid to neutralize the acid.

    After the surface has dried, check any glossy or oily areas by applying a few drops of water. If water does not penetrate quickly, re-etch the affected areas.

    Note: Muriatic acid can be used in place of clean and prep solution.

    Allow the floor to dry fully before coating. A power blower can be used to assist in the evaporation of the remaining water. Once your floor is dry, rub your fingers on the concrete and check your fingers for a film. If there is no film, you are prepared for application of the coating. Remember you must remove contaminants and create a profile before coating or your coating will not adhere correctly.

    Mixing Instructions

    ____Step 6:

    Install Spike Shoes

    Rinse and dry the large mixing bucket (which held all kit contents) with a clean rag prior to mixing. Install the supplied mixing tool into a high-speed drill. Apply protective plastic onto a 10’ X 10’ area where mixing is to be performed (not on the floor coating surface).

    ____Step 7:

    Mix Part “A” of Epoxy-Coat in its original bucket for 2 minutes. If the color is not what you like “STOP,” do not activate and contact PerformanceDIY.com for options as activation, mixing or application will NOT change color.

    ____Step 8:

    Into the large, cleaned mixing bucket, pour all Part “B” ACTIVATOR/HARDENER contents. 

    ____ Step 9:

    INTO THE SAME OUTER MIXING BUCKET, pour all pre-mixed contents of Epoxy-Coat Part “A” RESIN.

    ____Step 10:

    Mix thoroughly with the mixing tool for 3 minutes paying close attention to mixing all around the buckets sides and raising and lowering with the mixing tool.

    Note: Mixing must be very thorough (3 minutes), or the coating will not cure and clean up, and removal of the uncured epoxy will be costly and very time consuming. Do not wipe the sides of the mixing bucket between mixes or after the final mix as there may be residual unmixed epoxy. The residual epoxy in the mixing bucket will not adversely affect the future epoxy mixes.

    ____Step 11:

    IMPORTANT: Immediately pour ALL mixed contents in a line on the floor (Do not leave any mixed coating in the bucket for cut in, use the material on the floor to cut in around perimeter). Starting in the farthest corner of the room, pour mixed contents (parallel to and approx. 2’ from the wall”). Using the kit brush, cut in the perimeter walls or any other obstruction that may be hard to roll. For a full kit pour half of the mixed contents parallel to the wall and half parallel to the first pour in the center of the room. You will have two equal lines of materials approximately 3”-4” wide separated approximately 8’-12’.

    Note: After pouring mixed coating from the bucket to the floor, you have 30-40 minutes working time @ 70 degrees F (less time at higher temps).

    Application Instructions:

    ____Step 12:

    Using the kit squeegee, (perpendicular to the poured line of epoxy) draw the epoxy from the back wall with the squeegee until there is no longer wet epoxy to draw back. Continue to squeegee pulling this product down the line until complete.

    ____Step 13:

    With the kit roller perpendicular to squeegee application, roll the epoxy until even and consistent.

    ____Step 14:

    Go back to the entire floor in the opposite direction.

    ____Step 15:

    Flake application. Apply by throwing the flakes into the wet coating, only flake a section after the floor area looks satisfactory as once you flake the floor you will not be able to re-back roll again. The flake chips should be broadcasted until there are no wet spots (rejection). It is important that you take your time to broadcast, do not use too many flakes in certain areas, the goal is to walk with spike shoes around and apply all the supplied flake to the wet epoxy completely having enough flakes to cover the whole area dry.

    Note: If multiple special-order solid color flake chips are not premixed together, do so before flaking the floor.

    Clean squeegee while wet with xylene or MEK thinner for use on next steps.


    After 10-12 hours remove left over flake from the floor by sweeping and vacuuming then blowing all remaining flake chips.

    PerformanceDIY.com Poly 300 Clear Top Coat:

    WARNING: Wear protective gloves, clothing, eyes, and protection when using this product. Proper ventilation is required for use. See the SDS sheet for more information, available at www.PerformanceDIY.com.

    Install spike shoes.

    Note: Mix ratio is 1 to 1 by volume

    ____Step 17:

    Pour 1/2- gallon (250-s.f. kit) or 1 gallon (500 sf kit) contents of Part “A” Poly 300 into the large clean black container.

    ____Step 18:

    Pour ½ gallon (250 s.f. kit) or 1 gallon (500 sf kit) contents of Part “B” into the same large clean black container.

    ____Step 19:

    Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes 

    ____Step 20:

    Starting in the farthest corner of the room, pour all mixed contents (parallel to and approx. two feet from the wall”). Using the kit brush, cut in the perimeter walls or any other obstruction that may be hard to roll. This mix will do 1/2 of the floor area.

    Using the kit squeegee, (perpendicular to the poured line of mixed Poly 300) draw the poly from the back wall with the squeegee until there is no longer wet poly to draw back. Continue to squeegee pulling this product down the line until complete.

    ____Step 22:

    With the kit roller, perpendicular to squeegee application, roll the poly until even and consistent. Repeat steps 17-22 pouring all mixed contents on dry concrete parallel to wet poly 1 foot apart.

    ____Step 23:

    After the second section is squeegeed and rolled, go back and re-back roll entire floor completely.

    If you desire to have aluminum oxide nonskid added to the floor broadcast aluminum oxide non-skid over the floor in lesser amounts (only in the previous section which has been back rolled a 2nd time). Taking a pinch amount apply by throwing the non-skid into the air a minimum of 5’ or higher. Re-bounding the non-skid off the ceiling is a good idea to get even coverage.

    Note: Aluminum oxide will make the floor more slip resistant but will make it harder to clean; it should be used according to your desired needs. PerformanceDIY.com non-skid additive is industry standard and accepted means for creating a proper recommended OSHA 0.5 COEFFECIENT FRICTION slip resistant non-skid surface.

    Recommendations and Helpful Tips

    When applying multiple coats, you should wait 10–24 hours to apply the second coat. If you wait more than 24 hours, you must rough the surface with 120-grit sandpaper prior to coating, and you must wipe the floor with denatured alcohol prior to coating.

    When back-rolling a second time for color or clear coats, only back-roll one time, approximately 10 minutes after first application, to avoid inducing bubbles into the coating. PerformanceDIY.com can be applied in multiple coats if necessary in contaminated areas, rough areas, or where a smoother looking appearance is desired.

    Coating Problems During Application

    If bubbles appear during coating, torch or power blow the epoxy floor surface while still wet.

    You may also consider trying to re back-roll the floor a third time, prior to broadcasting any flakes/non-skid. If bubbles continue to appear, keep using torch or power blower to relieve surface tension.

    If fish eyes appear in the coating (because of contamination) continue to back-roll the floor until it is very tacky, prior to broadcasting flakes/non-skid.

    If color variations appear between sections, try to re back-roll the entire floor completely, prior to broadcasting any flakes/non-skid.

    Dry Time

    Dry time is 24 hours for foot traffic and 48 hours for heavy traffic is at room temperature (70 °F) regardless of thickness. However, temperature and humidity can affect dry time, so at cooler temperatures dry time will be longer.

    AS WITH HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLOOR COATINGS, FULL CHEMICAL RESISTANT CURE IS 3 DAYS. No water should be on the newly coated floor for 7 days.


    Remaining unmixed PerformanceDIY.com epoxy product can be mixed into the mixing bucket for 3 minutes and let harden. Dispose of in accordance with local, state, and federal laws..

    ____Step 30:


    Recommended floor cleaning solution is PerformanceDIY.com C 900 Citrus Cleaner (can be purchased on-line at www.PerformanceDIY.com) or use a mild degreaser or citrus cleaner. The recommended cleaning is every 6 months.

    Use a soft deck brush/broom, rinse, and squeegee for best results.

    • Pressure washing can be used but only on lowest setting with 30-degree tip or higher (less than 1000 psi.)

    • The use of a mechanical buffer to aid in cleaning can be used but only with soft brushes. Buffer pads are not recommended.


    Product Return Policy

    For any product returns, including damaged or missing items, please contact us directly at 800-841-5580 for return assistance within 7 days upon delivery.

    PerformanceDIY.com Certified System Residential Warranty

    Limited Lifetime warranty. Limited Lifetime warranty is transferable.

    • 1-3 years 100%

    • 4-10 years 50% of retail value

    • 11+ years 25% of retail value

    PerformanceDIY.com shall offer a warranty for “Super Certified System Kit” residential coating applications against peeling providing its application is in accordance with PerformanceDIY.com preparation and application procedures and the warranty registration certificate is filled out and mailed or e-mailed back within 30 days of purchase.

    This warranty exclusively applies to peeling coatings caused as a direct result of product failure and exclusive maximum liability of PerformanceDIY.com under this warranty will be to replace the appropriate quantity necessary for recoating warranted area.

    Residential Warranty exclusions:

    • Moisture mitigation issues

    • Deficient Concrete

    • Coating not applied direct to concrete

    • Surface or sub surface contaminants

    The sole and exclusive maximum liability of PerformanceDIY.com under this warranty will be to replace the appropriate quantity of material necessary for re-coating the warranted area.

    PerformanceDIY.com Care and Maintenance

    After immediate coating do not walk on the floor before the recommended curing time. Any introduction of water can cause issues with the coating, even as small as sweaty feet.

    When having a luxury floor, there are always maintenance required for your floor. The more wear the sooner these steps will need to be applied below.

    Note: Most dull floors are the result of a thin film left from cleaners. Once a floor is cleaned dry with a clean towel to remove this.

    What will dull my floor?

    • Stagnant water

    • Improper cleaning solutions (bleach, Clorox, Pine-sol)

    • Wear and tear

    • Salt on tires

    What should I use to clean/refresh my floors?

    • PerformanceDIY.com C-900 Floor cleaner

    • Blue Ivory soap and water

    • Apply PerformanceDIY.com Acrylic Floor sealer

    • Taking a clean rag and clean a small area with your finger, this shine is how the floor can look properly cleaned

    • Apply another layer of PerformanceDIY.com Clear or Poly 200/300

    Note: When applying a new layer of epoxy or poly the floor must be cleaned and sanded again for the new coating to properly bond.

    How do I know when my floor needs to be cleaned?

    • When the luster of the floor is no longer to your satisfaction

    • Salt rings are present

    • There are scratches or marks from daily use

    • You desire a thicker floor

    If any questions, please contact PerformanceDIY.com technical support staff 800-841-5580.

    Kit Coverage

    PerformanceDIY.com epoxy is a near 100% solids epoxy and will cover approximately 1600 sq. ft. per mil. If a customer applies the coating 10 mils DFT the coating will theoretically cover 160 sq. ft per gallon on a smooth (glass-like) surface. As a result of surface conditions varying in smoothness, concrete porosity and coating thickness or varied thicknesses applied by customer (technique) PerformanceDIY.com cannot control kit coverage. The kit coverage is estimated based on normal conditions and should not be considered by the customer to be guaranteed. If you feel you are at a close margin for coating coverage, PerformanceDIY.com recommends that you buy additional coating prior to starting the job.

    Color Matching

    PerformanceDIY.com is manufactured in state-of-the-art computer calibrated batches, but there is the possibility for slight color variations. It is not possible to create color batches the same between batches. PerformanceDIY.com does not warranty that buying a kit from an unrelated batch will achieve perfect color consistency. Even kits from identical batches could have varied colors because of thickness, temperature, and humidity. PerformanceDIY.com recommends that you purchase enough material prior to starting the job to easily cover your area with some to spare and always batch mix the colored Part A portions together for color consistency as detailed in the mixing section of these instructions.

    UV Amber

    Epoxy coatings can amber because of UV exposure with the amount subject to exposure.

    There is no determining when or amount of ambering due these varied conditions.

    Please consider using PerformanceDIY.com UV additive to reduce ambering. If this is of concern, call 800-841-5580. Performance Poly 300 is recommended where exceedingly high stable UV resistance is desired (Premium Kit.) This product is also extremely mar-resistant and is the only product we recommend as a topcoat for exterior surfaces directly exposed to UV light.

    Concrete Problems

    It is not possible to apply one coat of PerformanceDIY.com over a concrete surface without the possibility of bubbling, fish eyes, or color variations.

    Concrete surfaces and all environmental conditions associated with coating vary from job to job; there is no guarantee that a one-coat application will be perfect every time. The concrete porosity, humidity, moisture in the concrete, surface, and air temperature, accelerated temperature changes during or after application, sub surface and surface contaminants (like silicone automotive detail cleaners), etc. can each cause their own independent issues. As a result of these variables, PerformanceDIY.com continues to adjust its formula to achieve the best results with high percentage environmental parameters. We are always testing and reformulating to achieve the goal of a perfect one-coat application for concrete or wood in all conditions. It is our recommendation that you follow all the application instructions to achieve the best result, but we cannot guarantee your final coating appearance. We do recommend in extreme cases that you apply a second coat or a clear coat to reduce these conditions from adversely affecting your final coating appearance PerformanceDIY.com has been re-formulated over a 40-year period of time.

    Note: One of the benefits of applying the PerformanceDIY.com Premium Kit is it does have more flakes and has a poly coat. When this is applied you have less chance of noticing or having conditions affecting your final cured coating appearance.

    Bubbling or fish eyes will not adversely affect the bonding or performance characteristics of PerformanceDIY.com.

    Mixing and Curing

    If mixing is not performed as specified, the customer may have slowed curing, non-curing, or varied cured performance characteristics.

    If More Than One Kit is Purchased

    Do not assume that additional batches will give a similar color, hiding or appearance/result than experienced in the first batch.

    PerformanceDIY.com does not warranty the replacement product in its kit for more than 1 batch mix. If it is found that there is a problem with the PerformanceDIY.com product, and a customer does apply more than one batch mix, it is the customer’s responsibility for additional batches/applications.

    Once a customer mixes Part A colored resin, it is the responsibility of the customer to accept the color if they choose to activate with Part B.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our expert Technical Hotline staff has collected the most frequent questions and answers here to help you plan and install your new floor.

    If you have any questions during your application, call our Technical Hotline on 1-800-841-5581 to speak to one of our experts. Our Technical Hotline hours are M–F 9AM–5PM and Sat. 11AM–3PM EST.

    With new or uncoated concrete, do I have to prepare the surface?

    Yes. You must remove contaminants/latent and create a profile for the coating to properly bond. Shotblasting and/or diamond grinding is preferred for industrial, commercial, and residential or institutional floors where the prep solution is ineffective. Visit PerformanceDIY.com for further information on surface preparation procedures.

    Should I power wash my floor?

    It does help to power wash the floor to remove surface contaminants or loose coatings or debris. It does not eliminate the normal preparation steps, which we specify. Power washing removes contaminants but does not create the necessary profile for the coating’s proper adhesion.

    What should I do if my Part A resin has been exposed to cold temperatures or has exceeded its shelf life and has crystallization?

    Part A resin can in some conditions crystalize. This will not affect the performance of the coating. To remove crystallization simply boil water between 140 °F–170 °F and put the container into the water for 30 minutes. Mix the product in the container before use. If you find there is still crystallization, repeat steps.

    How can I remove dried epoxy from driveway concrete?

    We recommend using a safe paint stripper (home use.) You can also use a power washer or handheld diamond grinder to remove this stripper.

    What do I do if the prep solution does not electively profile my floor?

    You can purchase muriatic acid and re-etch the floor or diamond grind the surface. This acid must be neutralized effectively prior to coating.

    Can I use PerformanceDIY.com epoxy indoors and on basement floors?

    Yes, PerformanceDIY.com is safe and approved for indoor use. There are no VOC fumes.

    Are there any other specific requirements for indoor applications?

    If your indoor floor, such as basement concrete, is in poor condition and needs to be prepped with a muriatic acid treatment, you will need a floor drain and ventilation. The muriatic acid does need to be rinsed down the drain and does produce some odors that must be ventilated.

    How long does the standard coating take to apply?

    Applying the standard coating will take approximately 4 hours total for a normal garage, including prep time.

    Can I apply PerformanceDIY.com epoxy over an existing coating?

    PerformanceDIY.com epoxy can be coated over existing paints/coatings by simply making sure the existing coatings are cleaned, sanded (100–120 grit) and bonding. All areas that are not bonding must be diamond ground.

    How long do I need to wait to coat new concrete with PerformanceDIY.com epoxy?

    Wait 30 days to coat new concrete.

    What temperatures can I apply PerformanceDIY.com epoxy?

    Apply PerformanceDIY.com epoxy at 40 °F–77 °F.

    If you have bubbling problems during installation what should you do?

    Take a leaf blower and blow the top of the surface to remove the surface tension and remove the bubbles.

    If you have contaminants on the floor and potential fish eye problems what should you do?

    Clean the floor with a citrus cleaner blue ivory soap until removed. If in the coating process re-roll the floor until fish eyes go away prior to flaking/non skidding the floor.

    How many square feet will a full kit cover?

    A full kit covers up to 500 sq. ft. at 9.7 mils dry film thickness, and up to 240 sq. ft. for 20 mil dry film thickness. Most industrial floors apply at 16–20 mil dry film.

    Does the floor get slippery?

    Yes, when water or oil is present the floor will get slippery. Aluminum oxide non-skid is recommended to reduce this condition if you have excessive water or oil.

    What are the flake chips for? They help with non-skid and help hide imperfections in the floor by adding a decorative look.

    Does the non-skid wear out?

    Yes, the non-skid will wear out in approx. 5–10 years.

    Does the non-skid make the floor harder to clean?

    If you mop the floor, it will be harder to clean. If washed with a broom, squeegee or power scrubber, there is only a slight difference.

    Does crack/mortar joint patching crack or peel?

    All concrete moves. Mortar joints/saw cuts are engineered to allow for the movement of concrete. Cracks are the cause of more movement than the mortar joints/saw cuts will allow for. The coating will crack when the concrete moves but should not peel away from the sound concrete around the crack.

    When taping when should I pull the tape up?

    For ease or removal, remove tape immediately after application

    If I have fiberglass added to my concrete will PerformanceDIY.com epoxy cover the little hairs that are present after floor preparation?

    No. Using a gas torch, burn the hairs from the floor prior to floor preparation.

    How would I coat PerformanceDIY.com epoxy over wood surfaces?

    Simply remove sealers/waxes/contaminants/nails and use our flexible acrylic caulk to patch the seams and holes prior to coating. If the wood is clean and has a texture to it, the epoxy will adhere to it.

    Should I patch cracks/holes/mortar joints prior to coating? How would I do this?

    PerformanceDIY.com recommends patching all cracks prior to coating. PerformanceDIY.com EPK 1000 patch kits and caulk can be purchased online at www.PerformanceDIY.com.

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