Paver-Coat Installation Instructions

Paver-Coat Installation Instructions


When the entire order arrives, inspect all items, as well as color(s) of the material(s). From time of delivery, 5 (five) days is allotted to report any issues, shortages, damages, etc. Thoroughly read the Installation Instructions. Performance DIY cannot be held liable if you fail to read and follow these instructions.

Please be advised the color of epoxy resin is the final color and will not lighten or darken when cured.

To achieve color continuity/consistency when purchasing more than 1 kit, batch mixing of all Part A’s is necessary.

Once Part A & Part B are properly mixed, immediately pour in ribbons on the floor (according to instructions). Leaving mixed material in a mixing pail will create an exothermic (quick curing) reaction and the product will no longer be usable.

Please contact us with any questions.

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Welcome to Your New Coating Kit!

Thank you for purchasing the paver coating kit. We want to make sure that your installation is easy and that you are completely satisfied with the results.


Be sure to read these detailed instructions prior to application.

If you have any questions during your application, call 800-841-5580 to speak to one of our experts.

Our hours are M–F, 9AM–5PM EST and Tech Support Saturday from 11–3PM.

Key Product Information Overview — Paver Coating Kit

• For concrete/wood garage/basement/industrial-commercial floors

• Thicker, self-leveling, high gloss, one coat application, over 4x thicker than big box water-based epoxies

• Fills rough concrete, leaves no brush or roller marks

• Straightforward application in an afternoon

• Durable; over 3x stronger than concrete, resists chemicals, will not peel

• Easy maintenance

A Message from our President

My name is Craig Jones, President/CEO of, Inc. I began in the floor coating industry in 1976, and since that time with the help of many world-class chemists, have been improving our patent pending epoxy floor coating kit.

My goal is to provide to our customers, (commercial, industrial, and residential) the most economical, easy to apply, durable, longest lasting do it yourself floor coating kit. I want to change the way high performance floor coating systems are installed.

I did make it easy to install a professional high performance floor coating system (usually left to professionals), as the low-quality water-based epoxy systems offered by other national brands. is the only Do-ItYourself floor coating kit that can be applied in 3 hours achieving a professional result. is also the first to offer an all-inclusive kit with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 0 VOC, self-leveling, and 100% Solids!

My number one goal has always been honest customer satisfaction and real value.

Thank you for your business,

Craig S. Jones

Craig S. Jones

Safety Information:

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Do not consume.

• Cleaning solution contains phosphoric acid, an eye and skin irritant.

• You should wear rubber gloves with safety glasses, pants, shirt, and shoes when mixing and while preparing floor with acid and mixing/applying Paver-Coat.

First Aid Measures


If ingested, do not induce vomiting unless directed to by medical personnel. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Drink two cups of water or milk. Contact a physician immediately and seek medical attention. Material Safety Data Sheets are available online at

Eye/Skin Contact

In case of contact with eyes or skin, clean with soap and water and then flush with cold water for 15 minutes. Paver-Coat Standard Full Kit

(350 sq. ft.) Contents:

• Large outer bucket

• Non-skid Aluminum Oxide

• 1-Gallon Poly 200 clear Polyaspartic sealer

Recommended Tool Kit: Small Tool Kit

• (1) 3” Chip brush

• (1) 9” Roller cover (3/8” nap)

• (1) 16” mechanical mixer

• (1) Pair of vinyl gloves

Additional Supplies Needed:

• Pump sprayer

Clean Up Thinner

• Xylol/Xylene or MEK

WARNING! Wear protective gloves, clothing, eyes, and protection when using this product. Proper ventilation is required for use. See the SDS sheet for more information, available at

Store Paver-Coat in a cool place two days before application 65 °F or lower.

Application is best in the morning or evening. Do not apply product in direct sunlight.

Coverage at approximately 4 MILs.

• 1/2-Gallon - 175 sq. ft.

• 3/4-Gallon - 260 sq. ft.

• 1-gallon 350 sq. ft.

• 5-gallons – 1,750 sq. ft.

• 55-gallon drum -19,250 sq. ft.

Application is best in the morning or evening. Do not apply product in direct sunlight.

____Step 1:

Shake can before opening.

____Step 2:

Pour contents into a roller tray. Mix for 1 minute using mechanical mixer.

____Step 3:

Roll out evenly in one direction. ( Paver-Coat can also be applied through a pump sprayer)

____Step 4:

Re-roll in opposite direction 5-10 minutes after application.

 If you desire to have aluminum oxide nonskid added to the floor broadcast aluminum oxide non-skid over the floor in lesser amounts (only in the previous section which has been back rolled a 2nd time).Taking a pinch amount apply by throwing the non-skid into the air a minimum of 5’ or higher. Re-bounding the non-skid off the ceiling is a good idea to get even coverage.

Note: Aluminum oxide will make the floor more slip resistant but will make it harder to clean; it should be used according to your desired needs. non-skid additive is industry standard and accepted means for creating a proper recommended OSHA 0.5 COEFFECIENT FRICTION slip resistant non-skid surface.

Recommendations and Helpful Tips

When applying multiple coats, you should wait 3 hours to apply the second coat. If you wait more than 8 hours, you must rough the surface with 120-grit sandpaper prior to coating, and you must wipe the floor with denatured alcohol prior to coating.

When back-rolling a second time for sealer, only back-roll one time, approximately 10 minutes after first application, to avoid inducing bubbles into the coating. Paver-Coat can be applied in multiple coats where a smoother looking appearance is desired.

Coating Problems During Application

If bubbles appear during coating, torch or power blow the surface while still wet.

** Dispose of contents/container to an approved waste disposal plant **

Fill out and return for warranty coverage.

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